ERAGON | A Miller-to-be

This is a really short chapter. I really don’t want to start putting more than one chapter in one blog post, so I won’t. It doesn’t look as nice on the series page. So this will just be a short post. Can’t imagine what I’ll do later in the series when the stupidly short chapters start coming along.

A Miller-to-be

This entire chapter is basically just Garrow giving Roran some advice and Eragon being an bit sad that Roran is leaving. Paolini has a bad habit of dedicating an entire chapter to just one thing happening. Like this could just have been at the end of the last chapter, which wasn’t that long either. I say it’s a bad habit because it’s annoying and it’s not really necessary. You don’t have to make each event it’s own chapter, especially when this isn’t even an event! Eragon was being emotional about Roran leaving in the last chapter, so I don’t see why this couldn’t have just been a part of A Name of Power?

Anyway, Eragon reckoned that Garrow would kick off about Roran leaving but instead he’s happy. Roran is leaving in two weeks. Eragon is annoyed. That’s all that happens in the first few paragraphs.

Eragon doesn’t speak to anyone but Saphira during this time. We start to get an idea of Saphira’s personality, and the bond that is deepening between her and Eragon. We also get another example of how this bond causes Eragon to behave like an idiot. He’s basically just going to continue to hide Saphira and wait for a sign that he should reveal her.

Eragon also has a moment where he gets upset and starts feeling rejected by Roran. He was going to talk to Roran (about Saphira?) and sees Roran making the decision not to take a rock Eragon gave him ages ago on his three month job. Like, come on Eragon. I know you gave him that rock but he is literally going away for one season and then he will be back forever and will have the rock again. I doubt he’s going to be in massive five star accommodations in Therinsford so it’s pretty understandable that he doesn’t want to take a god damn rock with him.

So basically, this whole chapter is just Eragon being stupid and sad, and Saphira’s personality starts to develop. Roran makes the life changing decision not to take rocks to Therinsford.



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