ERAGON | A Name of Power

When I finish this series, I am going to see how many words there are in Eragon and see how many words I’ve written about it, because I suspect I may actually end up writing more about this series than there is actually in this series.

A Name of Power

Roran! We get Roran! We get painfully little of Roran in Eragon, which is a shame because he’s like, the second best character in the entire series (the best being Nasuada). Anyway, Roran has been offered a job in the nearby town of Therinsford. This gives us a little insight into how adulthood works in this world. Roran wants to marry Katrina so this is how it will work. He goes to Therinsford to work for the winter and save up money (it’s December right now, I think). He then returns in spring when he’ll be needed on the farm again and marries Katrina. She moves in with them on the farm and helps out as well. Then presumably in the future when Garrow dies, Roran and his family get the farm and life goes on. This is probably what every young man does in Carvahall and other small villages, so it’s interesting to keep it in mind as a benchmark to compare to what actually ends up happening to Roran.

Eragon then goes to hang out with Saphira and is now thinking of her as his equal, rather than his pet. It’s quite nice, because he immediately starts treating her like she’s his friend. He vents about Roran leaving and she comforts him. It’s a nice moment.

Eragon tries to give Saphira a name, and in standard fifteen year old boy style, tries to give her the coolest names. I have a bit of a problem with the fact that he doesn’t know Saphira is female. I’m pretty sure that in Eldest, Glaedr is described as sounding distinctly male. Surely if they’ve been talking to each other (even a few words), he’d be able to tell if she’s female? Kinda sounds like an excuse just to tell us a bunch of cool sounding dragon names that I will not remember.

I like every female name he suggests actually. Miremel is cool.

Of course, he finally settles on Saphira. We knew he would! It’s the only one that we were told Brom mentioned that sounded nice, and also she’s blue. We can see that she’s blue on the cover so obviously she’s going to have the blue name.

I don’t actually know how it’s pronounced (because I’m not flipping to the pronunciation guide. I’m reading a kindle version with the first three books in one so I don’t know what page the guide is even on). I’ve been saying it like saff-ear-ah, but sapphire-ah sounds quite interesting as well.


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