ERAGON | Fate’s Gift

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Fate’s Gift

This chapter is where Inheritance as a series really begins, I think. We obviously know from the cover and the blurb that Eragon will be a Rider. Before this chapter is just the build up to this moment. I think Fate’s Gift is definitely an appropriate chapter title when you consider this. It’s dramatic and suggests that this is the moment when Eragon sets out on his destiny. When you consider the revelations afterwards in Inheritance, it becomes an even more appropriate chapter title. If I remember this point when I get to the Lacuna chapters I’ll discuss it further.

So Fate’s Gift opens with Eragon testing the stone as Merlock did in the previous chapter, to see the noises it makes. He confirms again that it’s hollow, and immediately thinks that there might be something valuable inside. This shows us again what kind of lifestyle Eragon lives; his family is poor and struggles through the winter so they need all the money they can get.

He also starts to ponder about magic, thinking that whoever sent the egg to the Spine would easily be able to find it again. This is interesting, because Arya sends it to the Spine but it’s the ra’zac who come to find it. This thought that Eragon has is a bit of foreshadowing then, I think, that the egg/dragon will be hunted down. He also wonders if he was meant to have it, which is again interesting to read after knowing what happens in Lacuna later on in the series!

Eragon wakes up later in the night and the egg is squeaking. Knowing what’s going to happen, it’s quite funny to read how Eragon starts checking his room for the source of the squeak, thinking maybe some creature could have snuck in during the night. He eventually realises that it’s the stone squeaking and goes a bit mental. Even though we know that it’s actually a dragon egg, it’s a totally normal reaction for someone like Eragon. He has no experience with magic and obviously this weird stone is going to be scary. His immediate reaction is to get rid of it, because if you hadn’t the faintest idea of how magic works, you’d probably want to be as far away from it as possible.

Before he can get rid of it, it hatches! We finally get our dragon! Eragon is transfixed while it hatches, which is exactly how we should be as well. We’re excited, because we’re finally getting the dragon in the story about dragons. Eragon is nervous, because it’s a dragon and they’re all supposed to be dead. This has even greater implications than that when you consider Dragon Tales. Dragons used to be plentiful until almost all of them were slaughtered by a psychotic king and now the only one left is his old and mad one. Yet now there is another dragon in the possession of this poor, isolated farm boy. Both us and Eragon have to realise how important this is – this king who wants dominion over everything will soon realise there is a new Rider outside of his control. And that’s big.