ERAGON | Saddlemaking

Okay so single tear count: 2. Don’t know if I will actually keep track of this but let’s give it a go.

The season is late December or maybe January I think?


Right so this one should be two words. Saddle making. Not saddlemaking. One guess as to what this chapter will be about.

We open with more of Eragon crying! He huddles under his blankets and sobs to himself. I like this, it’s realistic. When you’re devastated about something and you wake up, there’s a second or two before you remember everything and then it hits you. I like how realistically Eragon behaves at the start of the series.

Brom is making breakfast. I assume they are having more meat stew. Told you, Eragon, you should have stolen some vegetables.

I admire Eragon’s confidence that he can just steal some leather and make a god damn saddle from scratch for an animal that no human has seen in a century. Thankfully, Brom steps in to help.

Now, I don’t know anything abut saddle making so I can’t really comment on the process. Paolini does this a lot throughout the book; if there’s something being crafted then he explains it step by step. It’s either a stylistic choice or showing off knowledge. Either way, I quite like it. If we’re looking at this from Eragon’s point of view, then he is seeing this for the first time as well. He’d be fascinated by the production of a dragon saddle. When you think of it in this way, it makes perfect sense that each step would be described in detail.

Saphira wants to try the saddle out right away, and I like the fact that Eragon doesn’t want to. Dragon riding must seem like such a magical experience, yet thanks to his traumatic flight a few days ago, Eragon can’t stand the thought. It’s an interesting take.

They decide that they need to get horses in order to pursue the ra’zac. Brom then makes an excellent point that the ra’zac are servants of the king and will be protected everywhere they go. It’s a good way to end the chapter as it outlines just what they’re up against. They’re against the whole nation and the incredibly powerful king. Eragon’s acting rashly, so this is just what he needs to be brought back down to earth.


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