ERAGON | Thunder Roar and Lightning Crackle

Okay by the way I don’t actually hate the Inheritance series. I read the first two books when I was a kid and loved them, then as I got older I went through a snobby elitist phase as most teenagers do. I was a total book elitist. I then started hating Eragon and Eldest because they are badly written (I love them now, but come on. Mostly they are badly written) and kind of generic. I also didn’t like them because I thought all of the books were published by Paolini’s parents and that was cheating in my book.

Anyway, I’m a lot less elitist now and I enjoy the books for what they are: easy to read and fun fantasy books.

At least they’re not ghostwritten. That’s one thing I am elitist about. Don’t call yourself an author if you didn’t write your own damn book. Writing isn’t hard. Just practise and then write it. At the very least put ‘By [probably a celebrity] and [ghostwriter]’ so it’s like a collaborative effort. Come along.

Anyway. Onwards.

Thunder Roar and Lightning Crackle

Why is the title so long. It seems like a small thing to complain about but there is no consistency or theme with the titles.

Eragon is busy fantasising about killing the ra’zac. “I’ll do it with my bow, he decided, imagining how the cloaked figures would look with arrows sticking out of them.” I’ll say it again: I love that Eragon behaves like a teenager.

Normally Paolini can get a bit OTT with the adverbs, but Eragon says something ‘acidly’ to Brom because he’s in pain from their sparring session and I really like it. It’s a great word and really conveys how injured he is.

The trail they go down to exit the valley out on to the plains is so steep that “at times they have to dismount and lead the horses on foot, holding on to trees to keep from falling down the slope. How on earth did the traders from earlier on get into the valley!?

I do like that Eragon feels uncomfortable being out on the plains. It makes sense since he grew up surrounded by forests and mountains.

Brom swears and uses the word ‘brisingr.’ Eragon will use this word in a later chapter. I will go off on a speculative tangent about that later.

I love just how angry Eragon gets about the weather. He’s in a good mood because it’s a nice day and then the second he sees clouds he’s angry again. I love it. In the early books he just behaves like such a little bratty teenager sometimes and it’s hilarious. I actually forget just how much his character develops; there’s no way Inheritance Eragon would throw a tantrum because of the wind.

The rest of the chapter is just about as boring and unnecessary as it possible for a chapter to be. Basically there is as storm and it blows Saphira about. I literally cannot be bothered to read this. It’s just… it serves no purpose. We know that none of the characters are in real danger because it’s obvious that Eragon and Saphira and going to make it past this point. Brom also hasn’t served his purpose as a character so we know that he won’t die. It doesn’t awaken any new powers in the characters or reveal anything useful, it’s just pointless. The only reason that this chapter exists is to pad out the word count and I hate it.

I’m not even reading this nonsense now. In all of the other chapters I have read the words and inspected them for something to speculate about but here I’m just skimming the sentences in case there is something notable to comment on but there isn’t. This chapter doesn’t need to exist.

I have nothing else to comment on in this chapter. We would have been better served by Eragon and Brom travelling together on a calm day with Brom serving up piles of exposition. At least we could have learned something.


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