ERAGON | A Song for the Road

I can’t believe how little of this book I have done. I want to get to Eldest already.

A Song for the Road

We’re back to having weird chapter lengths. I feel like the one good thing after leaving Palancar Valley was that all the chapters seemed to be more or less a reasonable length. This one is pretty short.

Eragon is asking what the sea is like. Once again, we’re reminded that he grew up in a small place and his whole world was this one valley.

“Brom’s eyes grew hazy, as if he looked upon some hidden scene.” Remember, Brom was from a place called Kuasta (I think) which was isolated by the sea. Considering he’s spent the last fifteen years of his life in Carvahall, it’s not surprising that he’s feeling a bit sad and nostalgic for the sea.

We learn a bit more about how elves came from over the sea and though they live far from it now, they still love the ocean. Alright, this is a blatant Middle Earth reference. Not even subtle. These are the same elves.

We also get an elven song about the sea. I’m sorry, Paolini, but you’re no poet. I guess you could put it down to the fact that Brom is translating it from the Ancient Language, but it doesn’t really feel like it has much rhythm or any real meaning. I don’t think I like any of the poetry in Inheritance really. If supposedly epic poems are included in a story then they really should feel epic.

Anyway, Eragon and Brom can see the Spine by evening. I’m sure it took them much longer to reach Daret than that on their way out of Palancar Valley. Oh well. Perhaps it bends inwards a bit or something.

We get one paragraph of how Eragon spends his time on the way to the Spine. This is great. If nothing noteworthy is happening then we don’t need to hear about it. We do learn that Eragon is learning to hunt with magic, which is something that comes up a lot in the future. Eragon is also getting more physically fit from his constant riding and training. I have absolutely no idea how much time has passed now. I give up. It was only really important at the start of the book anyway.

They also follow a river which flows from a lake in the middle of the Spine. From the other end of the lake another river flows into the sea. Not entirely sure if that works geographically but I’m no expert so I’ll accept it.

Brom also says that some believe Teirm is the first place that elves landed in Alagaesia. I’ll try and remember that because it seems like the sort of tidbit which may get contradicted later.

Brom says this as well: “People have an annoying habit of remembering things they shouldn’t.” This is hilarious. Brom vaguely mentions the letter he left for Roran with Gertrude to Jeod while they’re in Teirm, and this random little thing is basically what saves Jeod’s life when psychotic Roran comes rampaging through Teirm. It’s also pretty much what gets Roran and company to Surda since they’d have no other options. Foreshadowing!?


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