ERAGON | A Taste of Teirm

I gotta say I put no real effort into trying to make this blog popular or whatever. The post schedule is entirely random (I might make one post a week or might make five a day) because it literally is just me getting my thoughts on this book out.

That being said, thank you so much to everyone who has liked and followed!

A Taste of Teirm

Teirm! At long last, we have finished those awful chapters of nothingness and we can get to the damn plot. Oh, there will be plenty more nothingness to come but it is much more spread out and infinitely more bearable.

I like the construction of Teirm. The highest building is the innermost one and the buildings get smaller towards the edges so archers would be able to defend them more easily. It makes sense. It’s a planned city.

Eragon and Brom call themselves Evan and Neal, and adopt weird wheezy accents. The guards also have accents and their speech is written in a dialect. Why only unimportant side characters, regardless of where they are from do this, I have no idea. Oh wait, yes I do. It’s because Paolini likes to write completely on appearances. ‘Common’ dialect equals stupid just like ugly equals evil. Got it!

We also learn that Teirm is a very well guarded city and has a history of being attacked. Makes sense, it’s right next to the Spine so urgals would be able to access it easily and it’s on the sea so there are pirates. Brom explains the concept of some of the buildings being higher than the others so that archers have an easier time to Eragon as well.

The two head into a bar and see a man with “a cynical twist to his lips.” What? What does a ‘cynical twist’ look like? Why could this not just say ‘crooked smile’ or something like that? Ugh, whatever. Brom finds out from a different man where Jeod lives.

We also hear the start of why Jeod is losing his business. It’s because the Empire is attacking his ships due to his support of the Varden, but we do hear about Jeod’s financial struggles. I like hearing about this now because it doesn’t have a huge impact on what Brom and Eragon are doing, but will instead be a major plot point in Eldest. 

With that in mind, they set off to find Jeod.


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