ERAGON | Of Reading and Plots

Once again the work week caught up to me. It seems I will never have a consistent schedule.

Of Reading and Plots

Now, I’ve never actually taught anyone to read, so I have no idea if Brom’s method would work or not. It seems kind of stupid though. “‘This is the letter ‘a’,’ he said. ‘Learn it.'” I really don’t think that’s how it works. I suppose it showcases’s Brom’s harsh and tough teaching method.

Eragon basically spends the next few weeks forcing himself to learn how to read. Again, I have never taught an illiterate fifteen year old how to read so I have no idea how long it would take or how difficult it would be.

Brom and Eragon also spar outside every day and draw a crowd who come to watch them. Aren’t they supposed to be in hiding? What if word reaches the Lord of Teirm about these two apparently skilled warriors who have shown up at Jeod’s house? If that got back to Galbatorix he’d be able to put to and two together. Someone has Saphira’s egg and it’s probably hatched and then a known agent of the Varden has two skilled warriors randomly show up at his house. I think Galbatorix is clever enough to suss out what’s happening. I wonder why he isn’t keeping a closer eye on Jeod?

We then get some rumours that, from what I can remember, will never be resolved. We hear that “arriving merchants told of horrific attacks along the coast. There were reports of powerful people disappearing from their houses in the night and their mangled corpses being discovered in the morning.” We do get the reason behind the attacks along the coast but I don’t believe we ever get an explanation for people going missing and then turning up mangled? I don’t think there’s even anything that could reasonably explain it without it being overtly stated.

Eragon meanwhile has not learnt to read in a few weeks like I immediately assumed – he’s learnt to read in one week. Again I am not expert but this seems a little fast. Maybe the eldunari are helping him? That’s going to be my explanation for any plot hole relating to Eragon. It’s the eldunari.

To be fair, do they need to teach him to read in full? Could Brom not just try and teach him to recognise the word ‘seithr’ and then that’d be all he needs to find mentions of it in records?

Saphira is of course, concerned about Eragon going to sneak into the castle to look at the records. Perfectly reasonable, he has a terrible habit of getting himself into a mess.

We also have a good moment where Eragon thinks about how nice it would be to just live in a place like Teirm and be a normal person, then he remembers that that will never be possible.

We then have the worst of all the prophecies/visions in Inheritance. It goes as follows:

“He saw a young woman, bent over by sorrow, chained in a cold, hard cell. A beam of moonlight shone through a barred window set high in the wall and fell on her face. A single tear rolled down her cheek, like a liquid diamond.”

This is the cheesiest thing ever. She has a single tear like a diamond which slowly rolls down her cheek when she’s illuminated by moonlight. Come on. This is exactly the type of thing a fifteen year old would think of as deep and cool and mysterious. Who was the editor who checked this over before the republished version came out? God. What is our single tear count now? Three?


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