ERAGON | Thieves in the Castle

Okay I know I said I was excited for Teirm but now I just wanna be away from Brom. Come on Dras-Leona.

Thieves in the Castle

Eragon wakes up and he’s bathed in sunlight which is so warm it makes him not want to move. Extremely relatable feeling. Also quite a nice moment as we very rarely get to see Eragon actually having the chance to relax.

Eragon also makes the wise decision to leave Zar’roc behind. He may be more proficient with a sword now, but he recognises that he probably won’t be much use with it. That’s good to see – he’s not making a stupid decision and thinking he’ll charge in with a sword because it looks cool.

Brom and Jeod have a little argument as to whether Jeod’s rapier will be much use if they have to fight the guards as it’s too thin for actual fighting. Let’s be real here though, if they end up fighting all the guards, they’re done for anyway.

“Eragon was tense and his heart pounded.” I have to take issue with this because we were building up quite a nicely tense atmosphere anyway. There wasn’t too much dialogue and prior to this sentence it was mentioned that they walked casually. The tension was building anyway – there was no need to mention that “Eragon was tense.” The fact that his heart was pounding would have added to the building tension as well.

We then have a guard who uses slang and doesn’t speak ‘properly’. Eragon can smell the rum on his breath. I guess he’s stupid and a bad guy, then! Yep, predictably he falls for their made up reason as to why they need to enter the castle and also succumbs to a bribe.

Eragon strings his bow like that’s going to be remotely helpful.

They go to the room which contains all the shipping records. Again, I think it would have been more useful to just teach Eragon how to recognise the word ‘seithr’. I know he’ll have to learn to read at some point, but for now it would have done. Brom grabs all the scales and piles them on the floor. If some guard comes wandering about surely they should be taking one at a time!? I really cannot cope with Brom.

Okay, actually they’re mostly looking for ships which sail in the Northern areas, in which case it would be useful for Eragon to be able to read more words that ‘seithr’. I stand corrected.

Solembum appears in his human form and tells Eragon in a roundabout and irritatingly ‘quirky’ way that the guards are coming. He’s been spending too much time around Angela. I really like Solembum in Inheritance but it seems as though in Eragon he’s almost as insufferable as she is.

They leave the room, Brom magically locks the door and the soldiers assume that because it’s locked that nothing shifty is going on. The soldiers escort them out and all is well. Again they speak in a dialect so I suppose we’re to assume that they’re not particularly clever.

When they’re back at Jeod’s house, Brom spreads out a map so they can have a look at their findings and we get a bit of exposition as to what the map looks like as Eragon takes a look at it. It’s basically a description of the map provided in the book except we learn that the Beor Mountains and Du Weldenvarden are unmarked.

Weirdly, they rule out Uru’Baen as a possible spot for the seithr oil deliveries because someone could die from it and then someone might discover that the Empire has been buying it. So what? Galbatorix has a lot of treasure and we know that this oil (when treated) is used to preserve gems.

They narrow it down to Dras-Leona because it’s well situated and because Helgrind is there. Eragon doesn’t feel like asking what Helgrind is and Brom doesn’t feel like telling him. Probably this is for drama.

That’s basically it. Brom makes a remark that he sees his death coming, but not for a while. Ha, you just wait, Brom. It’ll come soon. Not soon enough.


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