ERAGON | Vision of Perfection

You know I don’t think it’s ever taken me more than a week to read the entire Inheritance series. Writing about it really makes it longer. And less likeable. There’s a lot to really trawl through.

Vision of Perfection

Eragon wakes up and his wrist is splinted. He’s alone in a clearing and can’t contact anyone. He starts looking for food but can’t find the saddlebags and gives up. This is completely disregarding the “stew-filled pot” mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Eragon then scrys (scries?) Saphira and Brom, and their surroundings are a completely blank white because he’s not seen the area where they are. I wonder then, if things like reflections are also blanked out? Could be interesting to see if that’s mentioned. Not sure how Brom is balancing a sword on his knees when he’s straddling a dragon but whatever.

Eragon also scries (I’m using that instead of scrys as it doesn’t trigger my autocorrect) Roran and then proceeds to have a very Eragon-like idea. “What if I tried to scry something I created with my imagination or saw in a dream?” Eragon. Seriously. Did Brom not specifically tell you not to go experimenting with magic the very first time he told you about magic? Did he not tell you that if something goes wrong it could cost you your life? This isn’t a complaint, I like that Eragon is consistently stupid. He does this sort of thing constantly throughout the books. He manages to scry Arya without any issues, luckily.

Saphira and Brom appear, the latter with a bloodstained beard. He berates Eragon for making an incredibly stupid decision, which I approve of wholeheartedly. “There were twelve Urgals. Twelve! But that didn’t stop you from trying to throw them all the way to Teirm, now did it?” Too right.

Eragon says he didn’t want to kill them. Quite interesting considering his only experience of urgals is the horror he saw at Yazuac.

We also learn that Brom somehow hasn’t figured out that the urgals are working for Galbatorix.

“There’s a reason why we’re born with brains in our heads, not rocks.” Ha. Considering that Eragon is often referred to as ‘stone head’, this is a good line.

Eragon mentions that the urgals are massed under some sort of leader. They ponder who it could be and don’t consider Galbatorix.

Brom starts drilling Eragon about fighting scenarios and Eragon has this great line “Eragon discovered that it was possible to torture his body and mind at the same time.” He is such a teenager.

Also, who was this chapter title referring to? It’s called Vision of Perfection, so before I read it I thought it might be the chapter when Eragon talks to himself about how he looks prettier and more like an elf. It’s not, so I’m assuming it’s about when he scries Arya.


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