ERAGON | Master of the Blade

I’m home sick with tonsillitis so that is why I have accomplished almost nothing recently.

Master of the Blade

A good dramatic title, this one. I believe this is the chapter in which Eragon becomes basically ambidextrous with his sword.

Eragon and Brom have a rather mundane discussion of his scrying of Arya, and there is a line I take issue with. Brom says that “dreams do occasionally touch the spirit realm” but what exactly is the spirit realm? We learn later what spirits are, that they’re these weird little glowing entities that sorcerers harness to use for magic. They can possess people who will then become shades. They seem to just exist though, like they don’t seem to have a particular ‘realm’. They do literally just seem to be a kind of creature, rather than a thing which has its own realm. However, in Brisingr when some people are trying to create a shade they do ‘summon’ some spirits. So the writing of them doesn’t seem to be that consistent, but there generally isn’t a ‘spirit realm’ that’s talked about from what I can remember, and there’s not really any mention of them having strong associations with dreams. Of course, it literally could just be an expression and Brom isn’t referring to a literal realm of spirits.

“‘Perhaps to understand this we should search every prison and dungeon until we find this woman,’ bantered Eragon. He actually though it would be a good idea. Brom laughed and rode on.” This is hilarious. Eragon is so stupid. How impractical does that have to be? Does he not realise how many towns and cities there are and just how far apart they all are? That is such a stupid idea. What’s worse is that when Eragon joins up with Murtagh they actually do this stupid idea.

They go back over the Spine and it’s Spring. I finally got an update to my confused timeline! I think I guessed it was like late January or early February or something, but it must have been early or mid January instead. It must be March now.

There’s some nice writing when Eragon goes riding Saphira and they swim around in Leona Lake. However, I’m going to bring up how much I hate Brom again. I can’t wait until I read Eldest/Brisingr to see if I can confirm this, but I am so sure that Brom must know about the lethrblaka. I also speculated in an earlier post that Brom must have some idea or notion that the ra’zac/lethrblaka may be actually in or on Helgrind. We know that Leona Lake is visible from the ra’zac’s lair from Brisingr, so aren’t Eragon and Saphira taking a huge risk by doing this?

There’s some sparring between Eragon and Brom which in all honesty, I can only be bothered to skim through. It’s not bad writing, but it’s not amazing and there’s so many sword fights in this book that I can’t be bothered to read the less-than-brilliant ones. The only reason that we get this whole written out one is because Brom’s about to tell Eragon that he cannot teach him any more, because Eragon has successfully defeated him in a manner few others could have done. Brom is a trained rider who went through his full training when the riders were at their peak. Eragon has been a rider for like, three months. I seriously doubt he is a decent swordsman since he has only been in possession of a sword for a couple of months.

Brom also tells Eragon that, male or female, he should expect to lose to an elf should he fight one. Eragon does not remember this information in the future.

Brom then goes on to explain a ‘wizard’s duel’ which is basically that when magicians fight, it mostly consists of them breaking into the minds of the other in order to anticipate what they will do and defeat them.

I’m not sure I totally understand the ‘wizard’s duel’ thing completely. And also, I don’t think we ever see Eragon doing it? I know we see the magician Carn battling wizard’s duels in Roran’s chapters, but I don’t think it’s ever in Eragon’s.


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