ERAGON | Trail of Oil

Because the version of this I’m reading is the first three books combined into one, I have no idea how far through I am. Is Dras-Leona maybe like a third or something?

Trail of Oil

Eragon has a hangover. “His head was pounding and his tongue was thick and fuzzy.” This is a great description of a hangover. Exactly right. Saphira asks him “how are we feeling?” This is totally how that one friend who didn’t get drunk asks you how you are the next day. Very realistic. I’m inclined to believe that Paolini wasn’t such a well behaved kid after all, hm?

The word ‘imbibing’ isn’t that necessary. Later in the books we get different point of view chapters. Eragon, Saphira, Nasuada and Roran all have distinct voices in these chapters and we can tell that while this is a third person narrative, it’s third person but still in a point of view. So it doesn’t make sense that the barely literate Eragon uses words like this.

They wander around the city in the morning and don’t learn anything (although from what I can gather all the really do is go and stare at the palace) so Brom decides they should split up. Great idea. Send Eragon off by himself. That worked really well last time.

Eragon basically spends the day talking to shopkeepers and workers. I’m not sure how good this strategy is. Surely he should try to talk to jewellers; they would at least be familiar with what seithr oil is.

Brom learns a great deal more. For one thing, he finds out that Galbatorix is due to visit! Supposedly this is to teach a lesson to the mayor (or ruler or whatever) of Dras-Leona, but we later learn it’s because Murtagh recently escaped and headed out towards Dras-Leona. They still haven’t sussed out though that the urgals are working for Galbatorix and spotted them sort of close to the city, so they reckon they’re totally safe.

After this, Brom tells Eragon what he learned of the oil. Eragon hilariously interrupts him every few minutes. He learned that every full moon, slaves are sent to Helgrind and never return. The slaves take the seithr oil with them. So it’s basically being delivered to the ra’zac and the slaves get eaten.

We also learn that long ago the Riders got rid of slavery, but Galbatorix brought it back. This comes up quite a few times in the books but it never really has a big pay off. Basically Eragon just sometimes gets really angry about it.

They then decide that their best bet is probably to take the place of the two slaves so they get get up close to Helgrind without suspicion. Brom says he’s going to snoop around some more and see if this could be done and then they’ll come up with a concrete plan.

But of course, since everything seems to be coming together, we know it’ll all fall apart soon.



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