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ERAGON | Legacy of a Rider

Ooh forgot I was doing this, back on it. We’re finally Brom-less, thank god.

Legacy of a Rider

Okay I was wrong, we’re not quite Brom-less. Brom is about to die. I suppose I’ll have to pretend to care. Honestly if Brom was more likeable and less stupid I would give more of a damn that he is dying in this chapter.

Anyway, Murtagh is holding Brom down because he’s convulsing. He then wakes up, because we’re about to have a deathbed confession. He was basically in a coma, and now he’s about to give a fairly long speech about his past just before he dies. I’m no doctor so I can’t say for certain, but I’m not sure that’s how dying works.

Eragon washes Brom’s hand with wine… and some brown dye washes off to reveal that he has the same silver mark on his hand as Eragon. I have a few questions about this. If this dye can be washed off with a few splashes of wine, how has he kept it a secret for so long? Why did he not share any of this dye with Eragon? Eragon states in an earlier chapter that his hand is like “a little lantern” when he uses magic, so how has Brom managed to hide it? How strong is this dye? How can he dye the palm of his hand brown without it looking noticeable? Even if it his the silver, surely a brown splodge on his hand would also be noticeable?

I can’t even attribute this weird brown dye situation to the Eldunari, so unfortunately this is going into the bad writing category. I’d forgive it even if there was a slight mention of Eragon noticing a weird birthmark on Brom’s hand or something, but there never was. He never even commented that Brom’s hands were unusually dirty or anything like that.

Moving past the brown dye, Brom gives Eragon a summary of his past. He became friends with Morzan and his dragon died. His dragon… Saphira. Who didn’t see that coming?

Brom says there was no need to tell Eragon all of this earlier. I disagree. I think this is all just for the sake of mystery. Maybe it was fine to keep it a secret at first, but I think that when Eragon was attacked by the urgals prior to Dras-Leona, Brom should have told him. They were in clear danger there, and it was very possible that Eragon or Brom could have died. That would have been a good time for Brom to tell Eragon all of this.

This is supposed to be a very sad chapter, obviously, but I can’t help but find it funny when Bro says “‘Guard Saphira with your life.'” Eragon gets himself into a mess so frequently that the thought of him protecting Saphira instead of the other way around is funny.

We get a seemingly innocuous statement: “His gaze passed blindly over Murtagh.” I think he knows who Eragon is traveling with and thinks it’s important. Eragon and Murtagh’s relationship is so crucial to defeating Galbatorix. I bet Brom knows exactly who Murtagh is.

Brom gives Eragon his blessing and then proceeds to die. I don’t care. Brom is nasty, petty and dramatic and I feel absolutely no emotion when he dies.

Eragon magically digs Brom a grave from stone and dreams about Arya again and we’re done. To be fair, this is a fairly well written chapter. There’s not really any unnecessary description and there’s no overuse of similes and metaphors. It’s just that I don’t feel like Brom as a character has been well written throughout the book so far. I don’t care enough about him to care about his death.