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ERAGON | The Ra’zac’s Revenge

Wow. So I finally got Civ V working on my Mac, which is why I haven’t posted in ages. Also WordPress appears to have changed some stuff up so that’s weird.

The Ra’zac’s Revenge

First things first: we are nearing the end of Brom. Thank god. I really dislike Brom as a character and Murtagh serves as a much more interesting travel companion.

Anyway, we start off with some good description of Eragon’s headache. It’s realistic and not overly flowery, which is exactly what I like in a piece of description. We do however then have a weird moment when Eragon thinks that it’s a good thing Brom’s tied up, but doesn’t know why. The a minute later he realises that it’s because they’d only tie him up if he was alive. I’m not sure how I feel about that – it’s a bit of a weird thought to have without realising what’s actually going on.

Unfortunately the negatives continue as I hate how the ra’zac speak. “The drug is working, yesss? I think you will not be bothering us again.” First of all, the hissing. Why do they hiss? They have beaks. I know that birds like geese hiss but the ra’zac are supposed to have hooked beaks. Do birds of prey hiss? Either way, I think Paolini should have described their hissing as being birdlike, or reminding Eragon of how a goose hisses or something. Then we’d make the connection that they hiss because they have some similarities to birds, rather than it just seeming as a cheap tactic to make them seem evil.

I do like that’s they easily able to coerce Saphira into behaving by threatening Eragon’s life. I’m sure it must come up again –  I like that it showcases their deep bond.

I like that they call Eragon ‘disposable’ and themselves ‘valuable’. It’s quite funny because we’ll later learn that Saphira is basically the only hope for the race of dragons to Galbatorix, whereas he doesn’t actually give a toss about the ra’zac.

There’s about a page of the ra’zac chatting which, much like when Angela talks, I skimmed because it’s irritating. Look, I have read these books so many times. The first two I have easily read more than twenty times. The last two I have probably read like, five or more. I am a fan of these books. But they really are awful at times. And sometimes those moments of awful writing encompass a whole character, or a whole choice Paolini makes about something.

Anyway. The ra’zac are about to kill Brom when suddenly someone starts shooting them with arrows. It’s my boy Murtagh! Murtagh is great. He has some real development and some excellent conflict throughout the books. The ra’zac flee, and one of the flings a dagger at Eragon on the way out. Instead of just moving him or something like that, Brom flings himself in front of Eragon and takes the hit.

The chapter ends with Eragon passing out. Awful way to end a chapter, and Paolini is not the only one to do it. Looking at you, George RR Martin!